Keep More Heat™ Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger - Installation.

What's Included:

1 Keep More Heat™ Air-To-Air Heat Exchanger

20'of metal duct work (shipped in 4' or 5' sections)

8  4" to 4" corrugated tubing couplers

56 plastic ring spacers

Installation Instructions:

Keep More Heat™ Air-To-Air Heat Exchanger

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What you need to provide:

Eight pieces of 4 inch solid corrugated tubing 20 feet long.

If you must buy a coiled roll of corrugated tubing; buy a 200 foot roll and cut into 25 foot pieces. For best results if you buy rolled corrugated tubing, cut tubing a couple of days before you start installation. Leave tubing inside to help straighten tubes (the straighter the tubes, the better the airflow).


Approximately 750 feet of 4 inch sewer and drain Solid PVC (Schedule 20).

Fittings for 4 inch PVC. Typical installation requires 2 to 4 90 ° and 1- 45° per air drop.

Or approximately. 30 to 40 90° long radius and 15- 45°’ elbows.


Support hangers.

these are to support the 20 foot duct work and hangers for the 8 air delivery tubes. Angle iron and thread-all work best.


Flange for unit entrance into building.


Two Pints of PVC Cement


Self-tapping screws (lengths will vary)


Approximately installation time is 40 labor hours

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