Keep More Heat™ Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger - The Benefits.

• EASE of Operation. This is a no hassle system. You just turn it on and let it do its job. There are no tubes that the  mechanic needs to move from one location to another.



• LOW Maintenance. There are very few moving parts,only two motors that have sealed bearings.


• LOW OPERATING COST. There are no expensive filters to change.


• Efficient HEAT RECOVERY. You actually recover and reuse the heat you’ve already paid for!


• Efficient EXHAUST of contaminated air.

   Helps maintain proper OXYGEN LEVELS in welding areas where gases  and CO are present.


• Efficient removal of ODORS AND HUMIDITY!


• Provides a much HEALTHIER work environment! While it takes out the contaminated air it is constantly supplying fresh outdoor air resuloting in cleaner fresher air.


• EXTEND THE LIFE LIFE of your heating equipment. Heating equipment in an environment that is harsh will burn the particulates in the air creating alkaloids or acids

   that eat away your equipment's exchanger shortening its life.


• REMOVAL of stale stagnant or contaminated air from problem areas. As fresh air is pumped in, the stagnant or contaminated air is forced out.


• CLEANER OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND FRESHER OFFICES. Take some of the fresh air tubes and deliver that fresh air to the office, it will create a slightly higher positive

   air pressure which means less filtration of dust and odors from your shop. Fewer COMPUTER problems because of less dust.




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